Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday October 16th 2006

Today was a pretty full day on the car front, it started with me taking the Land Rover to college which was nice I do like it sooo much more than the Audi. I saw today an Aston Martin V8 vantage on Far Gosford street today in Cov, clearly the owner is mad because no one in there right mind would park an expensive car in Cov let alone on Far Gosford street (another reason why I take the Audi!). The Aston was also parked outside a music shop which I thought was funny because who wants music when you have an Aston Martin?

This though was nothing compared to later events! On the way to my house Luke had a spot of bother and unfortunately wrote of his vehicle. He is excellent despite rolling his car into a hedge, no injuries what so ever. And you'll be surprised to know it wasn't a speed related accident, just an unfortunate instinctive reaction.
These are the results...

These pictures were clearly taken before it exploded into a ball of flames and me and Luke saved the life of an old woman taking her grand children (whose lives we also saved) out for a walk! True storey!
I then engaged the low range on the 'drover and pulled luke's car out it was an awesome recovery my second so far! Dad then drove it back to our house (just round the corner), it was a little bit worse for wear and the max seed was about 25mph.
When Dad turned up to help me do the recovery and with him brought his new purchase, a shagged 1972 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 junior (for parts and panels for the 2.0 GTV). So the Beaumont household managed to acquire 2 unroadworthy cars in one day, bonus!
Unfortunately I missed Fifth Gear all but Tif in the Gallardo, not that fussed really it was probably the only good bit.

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