Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I know this is a little premature been as I have about 5 people read my blog (one of them being my Dad), but I am ill and sat at home bored so I have devised a competition, when I say devised I mean stole. This is a complete rip-off of a competition Carrhart held, go to Carhartt Streetwear for a little inspiration.
What I want you do is to customise a paper model of a car.

Choose which car you would like to customize. I have found some nets of some nice 80's European cars that I think will lend themselves well to being paper models. Here are your options:

Fiat Panda
Citroen BX
Renault 5
Mercedes W123

These images reduce in quality as the list goes on, this is because I had to screen dump some and edit others. I went to great effort to get you these.

Use all or any of your artistic talents to make your model the most exciting paper car model anyone has ever laid their eyes on. You can edit it on your computer with Photoshop or even Paint! You could also print it out and work on it old school with pens, pencils and paints and stuff! You could edit it in 3D by sticking stuff on or cutting bits away.

Take a picture, if your car is a bit shit then take a good picture you might be able to redeem it!

Send your picture to me via email to willbeaumont88@hotmail.com then comment this post (or any other competition related posts I may do in the future) with your picture in, so the whole world can see your paper car.

I am not putting a time limit on this competition purely for the fact that I may not get many people doing it. So I will have to make it last quite a while for me to get enough responses.

I will also be giving a prize to the winner. I will judge the entries myself and I will email the winner back so I can get details to send them a prize! I don’t know what this prize will be yet; I’m going to wait until I pay my speeding fine so I can actually have a budget.

Good luck!

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kate harker said...

Will, i promise i'll do your competition.. PROMISE.. but you know.. ucas etc is a little more important at the moment !!

just wait