Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Seasons Top Tip!

I have a money saving tip for you, if you were thinking that this looks-warm-but-isn't weather means you should go on holiday for some looks-warm-and-is weather then STOP! Next time you go on a drive, chose a car with a sunroof (preferably a small European car e.g. Peugeot 205, Renault 4, 5, Clio, Fiat 500, Panda, Citroen (not a 2CV, that is never acceptable!) BX, AX etc). Then open the previously mentioned sunroof despite the temperature outside. Now here’s the clever bit: turn on the heater in the car! It’s like being in the south of France with warm breeze blowing over your skin! To add to the sensation drive a little more erratically and beep the hooter more than you would usually like they would on the continent. If you need persuading any more, buy a freshly baked baguette and place it on the passenger seat.

This was me on Wednesday (the one with the head out of the sunroof).

1 comment:

kate harker said...

ohh will you do make me laugh, the pictures great hehe.
ohhh my god how much do i want a fiat 500!!!!