Monday, May 21, 2007

Catch up!

Sorry about the almost ridiculous amount of time since i last "blogged" but bloody Tiscali clearly are not qualified to call themselves an internet provider. Lots has happened in that time. First things first. More Land Rover problems. To be more specific Dad's Discovery broke down, after now having spent a total of a month in Trinity's hands it finally fixed. This means that every car we have had from them has gone wrong in the first year. Thats not the first year of ownership thats the first year of existence. Fortunately though Trinity haven't destroyed Dad's car. Again you might be wondering what I am on about but when the Range had to go back it took them three attempts to fit a roof liner without damaging something. To continue with the Land Rover theme Dad's old Range Rover needed a name, now we aren't big fans on naming cars but with having to Range Rovers confusion arose. I was going to hold another competition but been as the last one was so abysmal (hold your horses Ross your coming up soon) we came up with it ourselves. Her Majesty. It fits so well, it is a majestic car and so wonderful. I have driven it a couple times and every time I feel like royalty. i know its worth as much as McDonalds Extra Value Meal but the noise of the big V8, the armchair like seats and the vast amounts of brazilian rain-forest in front of you make it feel so special. And so far hasn't gone wrong, so as reliable as a new one.
I saw this, the pictures a bit rubbish but its just as good looking in real life as on paper/internet.

I have had one entry to my competition. Ross Pugh of Braunstone, Leicester sent me his entry. Here it is.

Now if this hasn't got you wanting to compete then I don't know what will. I cant declare Ross the winner because that would only devalue his excellent attempt so he needs someone to compete with.
On the 5th of May Mum, Dad and I went to Gaydon... again. Within moments of being there I saw this.

In the words of the convict Paris Hilton "thats hot!"
We went to Gaydon for the annual Land Rover event. The event was better the last time we went. This time it was dead, there weren't many stands and didn't really see anything that blew me away. Until my new hero Russ Swift took the stage! If you have never heard of Russ Swift he performs car-acrobatics or auto-test. He holds many records for his precision driving and has appeared on Top Gear numerous times. He did his performance; hand brake turning, j turning and wheel spinning around in a new Mini Cooper S and it was very impressive. Russ (we're on first name terms you know) is also very famous for driving his cars on two wheels and he so elegantly did this in his Mini. But because this was a Land Rover show the crowd wanted more. Russ climbed aboard a Defender and attempted to drive it on two wheels as he did the Mini but it was a bit of a half baked attempt (on purpose). To gee every one up a bit he held a bit of an auction for charity and people could bid to ride along with him in the Defender he was going to drive on two wheels. Dad bid, and won and pushed me forward to copilot with Russ in this Land Rover and this is the outcome.

(Mum took the video, she has a habit of holding the camera at obscure angles)
I am (apparently) the first person in the world to passenger in a Land Rover driving on two wheels, on purpose. How good is that. Russ and his wife came and spoke to us as afterwards we were having our picnic and they are extremely nice people and they also gave me a copy of his DVD which is wonderfully called "Swiftly does it!"

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