Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I understand that the title of this post is slightly over the top but this is the biggest deal in my driving life since I passed my test so much so that I have had to take a week before I can even write this i have been so excited. I have the Land Rover back. Oh yes my life is again complete! Some of you might not know but it was vandalized about 3 months ago. Some wanker tried to break into it at Bradgate park, they smashed the window, damaged the top of the door around the window and damaged the rear lock cover. So the door had to go off to the magic world of repairing. This took along time but that meant that the Defender was not being used when Dad got his Discovery chipped that also meant the Defender got "done" too. So when the day came when the door came back can you imagine my excitement. Well must go, got to drive my new err... sporty? Defender.

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