Friday, August 31, 2007

Parking Ticket

In the past 10 months I have refrained from ranting about my parking ticket. This was because of the embarrassment that might have resulted if I didn't win. After much arguing and threats (from coventry city council) my persistence has prevailed and when it came to the last hurdle (the one where someone who doesn't benefit from my money gets to judge the case), Coventry Council backed out and I got my money back.

These are the photos I took for evidence at the time.

As you can see I was admittedly over the line but in a completely unused and unusable space.

And my cheque, how many of these do you think they send out!

So if you do get a parking ticket, fight it and eventually you might get away with it. now i was obviously right all the way trough and was obviously going to win when some one with an ounce of common sense saw it and obviously coventry council new this too. But you might be able to grind a city council even if you are wrong as long as you don't mind the multiple letters saying they will send bailiffs round your house.

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