Friday, February 01, 2008

Catch Up.

Well Fiat of Coventry have let me down just as Fiat of Nuneaton did, they simply haven't called me back. How is it that Mini believe I want to buy a £22,000 car but Fiat think it is a preposterous that I would buy an £8,200 car. All this means is that you won't be getting another boring review of a car that everyone has already reviewed for a while.

Also I was fishing through my stuff and found some pictures of my old car.

I am actually glad I don't own it anymore but I dread to think what it looks like now, i hope the people i sold it to haven't painted it pink or turned it into a hideous "Hippy Bug"... eww.

As for the karting, we went back to Sutton Circuit and finally I am starting to become competitive. I set the quickest lap time of the day and came third in my class, for my achievements I won a little medal and a box of chocolate covered brazil nuts. As if I needed anymore of an incentive to try to win, I ate the whole box in the car on the way home. Not only do I love chocolate coated brazil nuts but I did have to stop half way (in a 10 min journey) because of the injuries i incurred, while actually karting, were so painful I could no longer sit down. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to stuff my face. I did think that I would start to get used to it and not get bruises on every lump on sticky-out bone.

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