Thursday, September 21, 2006

Das Wälzen Darüber

Today was the first day my money scheme has come into action, I drove the Audi to college. I will now be doing this every day for the next 9 months because it does 50mpg (46 when I'm driving) where as the Land Rover does 25mpg (20 when im driving).

I love the chance to drive new and different cars (the reason why I went on those test drives, I will blog the next one for you) and this was no exception. I love the hard and bumpy ride you get in the Defender so a wallowing, rolling ride you imagine would be my worst nightmare, well you'd be right and the Audi did live up to its reputation. It also rattles more than the Land Rover does, which I thought was impossible and the fan on the climate control has broken.
So it made me feel sea sick, it was noisy and bloody hot. Other than that though I quite enjoyed it. It wasn't the hideous interior that matches the Ming blue exterior and it definatly wasn't the complete lack of front end grip (wheel spin in your Audi A4 avant is massively embarrassing) I just don't know what it was but i can't wait to use it everyday. The key was pretty fun!
Saw this in Brinklow today, check the tyres!

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kate harker said...

Oh Will, only you could drive an Audi into college..