Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today was a good day!

On my way back from dropping my little brother at Broughton Astley skate park I was accosted by this.

At first I thought it might be a kit car or something of that kind of breed so ignored it. I then heard the noise it was making. It was loud and rough not in cheap kit car way but in a 60's race car way. This was something good! The drivers had pulled over and where reading a map so I got all excited when I realized there must be a road rally on. Despite my excitement I continued home only to go past a Ferrari Dino and a Porsche 911. I then decided home was no where near as exciting as this and followed where I thought they were coming form only to go past an Alfa Romeo GTA and from the quick glimpse I got a racing Alfa very similar to one I believe I saw at GoodWood. All of these cars were extremely tidy and the rarity of some made me think that this was a pretty high class event (thought it would be in octane but when I got home and checked, nothing!). So I continued passing classic cars every 2 minutes with drivers clad in race wear and co drivers clutching maps it was excellent.

I got a bit bored so I pulled over, turned round and waited for one to come past so that I could follow it. To my luck it was a Aston martin DB5. I pulled out and followed him.

I think he got a bit pissed off with me and tried to loose me but because I new the roads I stuck to him like glue, the land rover was rolling and squealing round every corner to keep up. Unfortunately the Aston took a wrong turn and had to turn around. I couldn't turn round quick enough to find him again.
I enjoyed then driving round the county following other classic cars (lots of early 911's it was good!) and loosing them because of peoples incompetence and not being aggressive enough at junctions. I had to go home because I was running low on diesel(not so economical when trying to keep up with sports cars even ones of the 60's) but still had a thoroughly good time.
If anyone does know what was going on and where they ended up please do tell me.

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