Saturday, September 02, 2006

Roof Rack Laws

Before me and the elite embarked on our trip to Falmouth we (dad) had to buy a roof rack to fit all of our luggage on and still have space for passengers. He did a good job and bought a flipping good 'un which looks bad ass!

But if you don't own a Defender or a Land Rover (in the original sense of the term) what do you do for more space. You may be thinking "well I could just buy a roof rack like you." Well you can't. Most cars and roof racks just don't go. Roof boxes don't count you wouldn't really have one by choice but may do because.... OK I'm not qualified to answer that (if you do find a reason why buy Thule's Ranger, it looks like a bag style so you don't look too sad). Roof racks can be acceptable on some 4x4s, most modern ones no. Roof racks on small hatchbacks make you look like a failed handy man. They can look good on some classic cars especially if they have a bit of a rally look but the Mazda MX5 has ruined (like many other things, including my life) the little boot racks for convertibles. Obviously if you actually need a roof rack and use it, no matter what vehicle you have, it is reasonably acceptable.
But there is hope if you own any of these cars you can have a roof rack to your hearts content and I actively encourage you to get one.
Alfa Romeo 159, GT and Brera
Audi A4, RS4, A6, All-road, RS6 and TT
BMW 3 series, 5 series and Z4 (M) coupe
Jaguar X-type
Lexus IS
Porsche 911 and Cayman
Saab 9-3 and 9-5
Volvo S40, V50, S60 and V70
Now these cars have to be the newest models or maybe previous one (previous 2 in RS4's case) some cars on the list you shouldn't have at all unless you have a roof rack on it, BMW's and Porsches. If you have an estate/sportwagon/avant/touring/v then you are going to have to admit that your roof rack wont look quite as good and different because more people will have them. Also once you have fitted your roof rack or roof bars adding a ski holder doubles whatever credibility you may have just achieved. Its hard to determine what it is that makes them look good on these cars, it makes them look more like you might go touring round the alps even without the ski bits, they look more purposeful. Even if you never use your roof rack and it just adds 5 or even 10mpg or more on your fuel consumption keep it on*,it probably is no more than your next doors 4X4's economy especially if they've not taken my advice and got a roof rack.
So get down to your local dealer and ask for the accessories catalogue but remember limit your self to the roof rack, black plastic add ons aren't always cool.
*I am taking mine off because it is impractical to make the height of one of the tallest standard cars any higher, I'm a student and cant afford to run a Land Rover let alone one with a roof rack and I'd have to slow down too because it doesn't corner as well as it did.
P.S. I'm very sorry for the lack of pictures to support my point but I've not seen one of the cars listed with roof bars on let alone ski holders. I'm still on the look out though.


lukefenech said...

why is there no mention of the nice boot racks on morgans here?

Lara-Ville said...

get a fucking life

Lara-Ville said...

p.s You're not dyslexic!! said...

FYI has a rack that fits most vehicles, as is and off the shelf, easy on and easy off. Capable of transporting bicycles, boards and more.
If it helps.

Check it out, and leave feedback at the site, we could use some input.
Thanks Dan

Sarj said...

Well, I get your point on the usability of roof racks. It's not for every car.

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maneesh said...
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