Thursday, December 07, 2006


I must apologize for my recent lack of "bloggin'" recently. Not that any of you really care and I'm sure only one person will actually read this. What makes this even worse is that there has been a whole load of car action in my life recently. Last month the Audi went (the reason why I cannot divulge on the internet, again I'm sorry) and so mum and I had to share the Land Rover for a bit until the nice people at the insurance company spoke to Enterprise car rental and they lent us a vehicle. They told us that we would be getting a Corsa, I can't say that I was excited about this but it definitely wasn't a problem. When we arrived there wasn't a Corsa to be seen and we later found out we were getting a Micra! Yes a Micra, not a cool Mk1 no they gave us one of those new ones. It was repulsive and most definitely the worse car I had ever driven even though it was described as "a lovely drive" by the enterprise man. And to make matters worse the little raised lights (which are cringe worthy) are visible form the inside so you cant ignore the fact you are in a Micra.

About a week after we picked the Micra up we got a call form Enterprise. They told us that we they were going to replace the Micra for us. Apparently the Micra, being a 1.4, was far too sporty (what!) for an 18 year old to drive and there insurance didn't cover me properly. So they found us a nice Kia Picanto, a 998cc Kia Picanto! They're right about the Micra being sporty, when it's compared to a 998cc Picanto! It was so.... Korean! I have never sat in place and been surrounded by so much grey, cheap plastic. To get the car to move from a slight incline you needed about 4000 revs. Then to keep it moving your foot had to be permanently welded to the floor. When moving if you reached a corner you had to brake (ruining the week of hard work you just did to get it to 45mph) because the wheels were so thin that there was little if no grip. The amount of tyre touching the road from all four wheels is about the size of a postage stamp. This now has to be the worst car a have driven and I don't imagine that it will fall from that position soon, well I at least hope not.

If in the future you want hire car I wouldn't recommend Enterprise. Not only did they let me drive around for a week when I wasn't insured properly and changed a bad car for the worse car, the rear tyres were under inflated on the Micra when we picked it up and they wouldn't/couldn't do anything about it. So they let me drive away (only to Graham Goode's where I had to get some fuel) on the road, risking some points on my license, to go and get some air for the tyres.

I must apologize again, for the lack on 1st hand pictures but I just didn't want to risk my camera breaking with the sight of two of the most repulsive looking vehicles ever conceived by man.

I should hopefully get back into the swing of blogging and you there should be some good posts about what we replace the Audi with and maybe a road test of the new Fiat Panda 100bhp.