Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007


So when I went to my society fair not only was I confronted by the Uni radio and mistaken for a female by religious people, "I don't suppose I can interest you girls in a new testament?", but I also signed up for the karting society. Obviously, what else?

We had our first meeting this wednesday at Whilton Mill. It was the first time I haven't felt out of place in my car. Some of the other members had classic cars to; a Mk2 Escort, Triumph Herald, some Mini's and two Mk1 XR2i Fiestas (I am not sure if they are quite classics but for now they are).

(I am wearing the red helmet.)

So anyway back to the karting, as you can tell from the pictures I wasn't in front. To begin with we had 6 heats each (there were 40 of us) and there were 8 karts in each heat and you got 8 points for a win and 7 for 2nd etc. Unfortunately I didn't win any of the heats (to be fair I never got pole either) but I did manage to crank up enough points to place 10th overall. This got me into the semi-finals on grid place 6. To qualify for the finals you had to finish in 4th and depressingly I missed out and came 5th so that was me finished.

I had an absolutely amazing time but my god did I pay. It's times like that when I wish I was a little fatter and had a bit more padding. My back, hips and knees are bruised to buggery! I would show you pictures but they are so bad they are restricting my flexibility. You know when someone bangs their head they get a big lump because there isn't that much flesh on there head well thats what happens to my back, I have four 2-inch diameter lumps right where my bones have been banging against the brutal plastic of a kart seat.

Monday, October 01, 2007


I am back at school/college/university now so that can only mean one thing for the Blog, me taking pictures of things that no one else finds at all interesting.
This time I endangered myself and other road users and I broke the law. I took a picture while driving all for your entertainment, thats dedication for you.

A Jensen Interceptor, even Vinnie jones couldn't ruin it with that advert he did for the RAC or AA (good adverts, good cars (except the latest with the Chrysler 300C) shame about Vinnie).