Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Green Laning

Father has bought himself a bit of a toy. He wanted something he could take off-road and not worry about. Though this doesn’t mean he's going to become one of those hard-core off-roaders who only wears camoflage and unnervingly has a massive penknife on them every waking hour.

He bought himself a Range Rover Classic 3.9 petrol V8 and it is the shit!

For its inauguration we took it down the Meers (local "Unsuitable for Motor vehicle" roads) and found our selves doing some reasonably extreme off-roading (more extreme than what we anticipated) so much so that none of us could take a picture of the angle we had the car at.

Nice dead bug in the middle of t'windscreen.

We even got it a little muddy (check out the Bilstein shocks, how professional).

Sorry for the last couple of posts being about Land Rovers, I will try to diversify. This should be easy soon enough so long as Fiat of Nuneaton can get their finger out and get me in a Panda 100bhp.

Friday, April 13, 2007


As a little treat to myself (and some stuff to do with my FMP (Final Major Project)) I took a trip to Gaydon (Warwickshire). I know that is undergoing reconstruction and will be open in May but I thought I would still enjoy a little trip round the site where 3 of the best British car manufactures (Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover) have pretty important offices (not quite the HQ's for all of them). It was lots of fun and I took some pretty boring photos of a not so interesting building but did see lots of Defenders in all kinds of guises.

The only car to look good in gold and...

... look as if it belongs on a victorian beach.

There were lots more Defenders here but I'm pretty sure I was trespassing at this point.