Friday, December 28, 2007


If any of you have been in a car with me in the past 12 months you might have experienced me getting frustrated by certain drivers who insist on driving at 40mph. Not just 40mph but 40mph on country lanes then continue this speed through 30mph limits. Its infuriating enough that some people insist on driving at 40mph in a 60 zone (then braking! no corner is sharp enough for you to loose traction at those speeds (well maybe some but nothing that just letting off the accelerator wouldn't sort out) but then even though they are driving so slowly they do not slow down to 30 in a 30mph zone. So then they find themselves breaking the law with no advantages what-so-ever. These people are the scum of the earth. What's the point of breaking the law when you are already traveling so slowly and holding every one up. I cannot reiterate my frustration with these people in words.

I have three ways of dealing with this problem, unfortunately none of which I have got to work yet. First of all you must find yourself one of these wankers and either bug them so much (preferably in a big car) by getting really close behind them (the are generally moving so slowly you can get really close without it being too dangerous) until they pull over so you can also stop and show your displeasure. The second option is: you could find a road where you can overtake the twat driving at 40 then slow down to 30 just as you get to a village or town. It would be better if you can time the overtaking just before the 30 zone to emphasize the message of your maneuver. My third option is follow them in to the 30 zone then, when they continue to drive at 40mph, then flash your lights, beep your horn and franticly try to get them to pull over. When they do pull along side, lower your passenger window and explain to them that they are driving in a 30 zone.

Now I am not saying that anyone who drives at 40 in a 30 area but speeds up when the speed limit is greater are good people, theses people are just as bad (just a little less frustrating). I drive to Uni every morning and go through 3 villages, a town and a city just as children are going to school and its shocking how many people still speed even though there are small children playing by the side of the road and running down the pavement to the bus. I know this may seem slightly hypocritical from someone who was caught speeding in a 30 limit only 10 months ago but in my defense it was about 9:30 at night and i was on a "dual carrigeway". The people who choose to speed despite there being children on the side of the road should be arrested and charged with attempted murder or how about a new charge: attempted manslaughter.

P.S. While I am on the subject of speed and children what do those signs all about that say "20mph at school times" and give no clue what those times they might be?

School times vary, so what are the school times for this school? And is it ok to go at 30 before school has started and after school has finished when the children are more likely to be near or on the roads? When they are safely in school I must slow down to 20. A 20 mph limit is fine but make it either permanent or be specific.

I would love to say right now that this type of sign is typical of our under-minding, over controlling government and surely we are responsible enough to judge whether or not we need to slow down because there might be a danger of children running into the road but as I have pointed out before people cannot be trusted.