Friday, August 28, 2009

The Masters Race Series / Donington 09

Little video I made last weekend at a Masters Race Series meeting at Donington. Sorry the editing is a bit shite but I was forced to use iMovie 08 and you would need to enjoy pain more than Max Mosley* to be able to even tolerate iMovie 08 for too long.

*I know it's old taking the piss out of Max Mosely but I didn't jump on the band wagon before and now everyone who has any sort of motoring related blog, column, TV show or even phone conversation has done it except me. Until now that is, it makes me feel part of the gang.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

... o' mice an' men, Gang aft agley.

On my recent trip to Francais, and a little bit of Italy (a holiday isn't a holiday unless I go to Turin, I'll let you draw you own conclusions why), I had intended to create a masterpiece. What I was going to do was take loads of photos of the front of my car from the same angle in lots of different locations then make some sort of video slide show like those people do when they take a picture of themselves once a day for a year then miraculously get catapulted to the most played on YouTube. I wanted to be a YouTube star. It failed because I wasn't nearly dedicated enough and only took a handful of photos.

As is expected of me; I toured around some of the Automotive hot spots of France. I went to the old pit-stop at Reims, drove on some very winding roads through the Alps, Turin (not in France I know), Monaco (still not in France) and Le Mans. That meant I got to drive on 3 tracks (the road sections of the Circut de la Sarthe, the street circuit of Monaco and the straight of the no longer used road circuit west of Reims). Unfortunately I only went to one museum (Le Mans) this year and it really wasn't that great.

One of the problems with the museum (other than not having enough cars, let alone cars that had actually competed in the 24 hour race) was that up until the past couple of years the French haven't really, other than hosting the 24 heures du Mans, had much involment in the race. The French are very patriotic so when their drivers and cars don't win it seems like they don't care too much... well thats the impression I got from the museum. The French however have a company called CibiƩ who, from what I could gather from the over exuberant displays promoting the brand, have made the lights for every car ever to compete at Le Mans ever. I should have milked this for all it was worth seen as I have over 14 inches of CibiƩ up front on my own car, you never know I may not have had to have paid the extortionate fees* to get me in.

*It isn't actually that expensive but I had to pay for two tickets as I dragged along someone who didn't really want to go. This meant that I payed double and it really wasn't worth €16.